Our Fees and How We Can Help You

1. In-Depth Consultation  - $250

Examine Your Case in Detail.

The next step is to meet in person, over video skype, or the telephone so that Erick can gather the key details of your unique immigration situation.  We'll meet for up to an hour as needed. If you retain our firm and become a client on the day of the consultation, we are pleased to credit the consultation fee towards the total cost of our services.

Look Carefully at All Immigration Documents.

During the in-depth consultation, you will provide the essential background information of your immigration history and status, along with important immigration documents. All of this, of course, will be kept completely confidential. We’ll determine what is the best immigration outcome we want to target.

Agree Upon Exactly How We'll Help You.

If your case is accepted and you want to hire our firm, Erick will list out all the key steps and necessary forms to achieve the desired outcome. We include all of these details within a Legal Services Agreement so you'll know exactly what to expect from us. The pricing in the Agreement will be based on the information below. 

2. Confirm the Fee for Your Case 

Payment terms will be agreed upon up-front in the Agreement, based upon the tasks required to achieve your desired immigration outcome.  For all cases, we will:

  • Research your case in depth
  • Prepare and file all necessary documents at the appropriate government agency
  • Track deadlines and follow up as needed with the government
  • Provide you regular status updates
  • Prepare you for your interview, as agreed
  • Answer your questions promptly via phone, email and skype

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Other Options - Get Help on a Budget:

Document Review & Consultation Service 

If you prepare a necessary document yourself, we can review it for errors and potential issues. We will carefully examine a petition or application, note necessary and recommended changes and email this to you, and then discuss this with you on the phone, skype, or in-person.

Interview Preparation 

We can help prepare you, and a family member or fiancee, for an important upcoming interview. We will first review the case status and background for potential issues to be aware of. We will then prepare for an hour in person, over the phone, or skype, including practice questions.

Flexible Payment Options

We have several different payment plans to meet your needs. You can pay in installments and we accept credit and debit cards.

Our Commitment

We commit that we will represent you with due diligence and provide professional, competent assistance. We will keep our promises and do what we say we will do. We will always do our best to achieve your targeted immigration goal.

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